An essential introduction to some of the main holistic veterinary therapies, written by experienced practitioners in their fields. This handy booklet edited by Ilse Pedler MRCVS and Mark Elliott MRCVS gives a summary of each therapy, where to find more information and training and includes some fascinating case studies.

The veterinary world is one of rapidly expanding knowledge and expertise. Specialising in a particular area is increasingly common as it is almost impossible to keep up to date with new developments across all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery. However, the concern is this leads to a compartmentalising of an animal and its conditions. There is a danger that we may lose sight of the animal as a whole and its complex interaction of physical and emotional factors as well as the unique relationship it has with the owner and family. This booklet describes a different approach, how looking at the whole animal is often of greater benefit for both animal and owner. It describes the different therapies that can be utilised in this holistic approach, what to expect in a treatment session and where to obtain more information and training in the UK. It does not dismiss the value of conventional treatments and procedures, it merely gives more options for the care of animal patients which benefits all in the long term.

The demand for holistic or complementary therapies by the general animal owning population is huge and the booklet was primarily designed for vet students and vets to provide clarity about the different therapies and give details of the governing bodies, where to find more information about training and how to access accredited practitioners. However anyone involved in animal husbandry or care should find it an enlightening and informative read.

A handy guide to some of the main holistic veterinary therapies. Essential reading for those wishing to find out more.