Meeting with
BVA Policy Committee

Wednesday 14th March, 2018 

Chris Day, Rachel Roberts and Peter Gregory met with the the BVA Policy Committee yesterday (14/03/18).

No harsh or insulting words were exchanged and they appeared to have been given room to make their points and to advise the BVA on what they might feel able to say, [in any future statement] assuming they want to make a statement at all. They do have an 'old' statement gathering dust, that is well overdue an overhaul.

Rachel Roberts was an absolute STAR, with her obvious gravitas in the research area.

It seems that the BVA have purposely held back on replying to all the letters they have received until AFTER this meeting, so that they might have something more 'substantive' to say.

We shall learn a bit more about how the meeting was received when we see those letters. “I don't see how we could have made it go any better. Thanks for all the support and well-wishes” said Chris.

  • Chris Day – B Vet Med, VetFFHom, MRCVS is President of the BAHVS
  • Rachel Roberts – BSc(Hons) MCH RSHom FSHom is Chief Executive at the Homeopathy Research Institute
  • Peter Gregory – BVSc Cert IAVH, VetFFHom, MRCVS is Veterinary Dean at the Faculty of Homeopathy