Resolved Cancer Case 1
The homeopathic treatment of cancer for animals

The case below was chosen because the prescriptions were successful, and patients had been to a specialist oncologist before coming to homeopathy.

This case demonstrates the use of Ramakrishnan Method and periodic table analysis.

Lymphoma remission in seven months.

In February, 2010, Jessie, a ten year old collie, started licking her lips. Examination revealed an area on the right hand side buccal and gingival surface which was red, raised, hard and inflamed.

A biopsy diagnosed epitheliotrophic T-cell lymphoma. Specialist oncology practice prescribed interferon therapy followed by chemotherapy, but neither had any curative effect.

In desperation Jessie was brought to me, still on 6mg prednisolone every other day.

The owner describes her very well:

“Jessie is the mother and boss of the pack. She cleans everyone's ears and eyes. She never relaxes and wants to lie by the gate until the entire household of humans and dogs are at home."

"If anyone in the house is ill or upset she goes and sits by them, and will return repeatedly to check on them. She will fetch the owner if another dotimesg is ill. Out of the house, if any dog is threatening, she will go for it. She will never run away.”


The main themes in this case are strong responsibility and dominance, which suggest that a remedy from the Gold series is required (c) The excessive mothering suggests a chloride salt.

Ramakrishnan finds the best remedy for mouth cancer is Aurum muriaticum (gold chloride) 200C.

Jess took this three times daily, alternating weekly with Carcinosin 200C.I added Kali chlorosum (potassium chlorate) 200C to the prescription after five months because of an ulcer that developed on the left hand side of the mouth.

There was no sign of the tumour after seven months.

I continued the homeopathic regime for another 18 months. Jess now has no sign of the lymphoma and is a very well 14 year old. She takes Kali sulph (potassium sulphate) 200C once weekly to help her stiffness.