A case of squamous cell carcinoma

developed a squamous cell carcinoma

In January 2017 Chewie a Jack Russell Terrier developed a squamous cell carcinoma, which was confirmed by three biopsies, and clearly visible above his right eye. 

January, 2017

surgical removal inappropriate

This picture was taken on the 12th of April 2017 nearly 4 months later.
The x-ray shows where the cancer had invaded the bone with osteolysis and destruction of the bone, making surgical removal inappropriate.

April 12, 2017

become lethargic and very clingy

The carcinoma was painful to touch. Chewie had always gone berserk if a stranger arrived at the house or approached the car. Since the development of the tumour he had become lethargic and very clingy to the owner. He had banged his head five months previously – before the tumour had appeared according to the owner.

After a 60 minute consultation, much irrelevant conventionally, Chewie was prescribed the homeopathic remedy Conium 200c twice daily for a month.

Conium Maculatum

back to his old self

This picture was taken on 24/4/17. The cancer had decreased by 80% in 12 days. On 24/5/17 it was invisible, being about the size of a penny. Chewie is totally back to his old self, and no longer clinging.

April 24, 2017