Opening Hours: Mon –Thurs (9.20am-2.20 pm)

Looking for books or journal articles? Needing help with research? Did you know the British Homeopathic Library has over 2,000 books?

The British Homeopathic Library holds a pre-eminent collection of homeopathic literature, and is located in the NHS Centre for Integrative Care – Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

The unique collection comprises books, journals, magazines, papers, videos, audio tapes, CDROM, software, materia medica and repertories. Our oldest volume was published in 1796 (Hahnemann’s first article on homeopathy) and we have a significant collection of 19th century material, as well as comprehensive 20th and 21st century holdings.

The main body of the collection is in English, but we also hold German and French publications. Would you like to be put on our mailing list to hear more about the Library and what we can offer?

If so please contact Isabella Leese, Librarian at [email protected] or on 0141 211 1617