Bedford at second consult when symphytum was prescribed. The doming of the skull is clear, with the inability to close his eye.

Resolved Cancer Case 2

the homeopathic treatment for cancer

The case below was chosen because the prescriptions were successful, and patients had been to a specialist oncologist before coming to homeopathy.

This case demonstrates the use of Banerji Protocol.

Squamous cell carcinoma remission in six weeks

In February 2012, Bedford, a twelve year old large cross-breed dog developed a mass on the left hand side of his head. He had been sneezing for some time and had mild epistaxis (nose bleeds). Biopsy and radiography were performed. 

The maxillary sinus showed a loss of bony architecture and a soft tissue mass. The frontal sinus showed soft tissue density. The biopsy diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma. Tramadol and NSAIDs were prescribed and specialist referral arranged. The report confirmed a 5 cm diameter palpable mass

An MRI or CT scan was advised, with surgery as the best option and potentially palliative radiation. The owner could not afford any of this.


Bedford was brought to me. His story shows the importance of specific stresses in the development of serious disease. This has been known and utilised by homeopaths for 200 years, and is now becoming recognised conventionally. The owner tells the story:

“Bedford was my 'first born' and became my world. Then, I had my first son two years ago, who takes my time and energy. Bedford became very protective of him and goes and checks if he cries. He has become clingier with me. He is like Cary Grant, being strong, calm, stoic, cool, and collected. He doesn't need to be the alpha – he has a stag-like energy. He is regal, like a tame lion. If I cry, he howls and comes close. He is very sensitive to reprimand. If there are raised voices, he is next to me, protecting me.”

The themes in the case appeared to be responsibility and care, which are themes of the Gold series. I again prescribed Aurum muriaticum (gold chloride) 200C tid. As well as mouth tumours, this remedy is known to treat cancer of the nose.


Bedford has deteriorated badly and his tumour grown considerably, as can be seen in the picture above. He could not close his eyes completely and was on eye ointment and pain killers. Home euthanasia was discussed.


Bedford came to me again. I reassessed the prescription. The Gold series had seemed a good choice, but in fact this dog did not dominate others, which is usually seen in patients requiring a remedy made from the gold series. Bedford was a 'tame lion'. The tumour had caused bony destruction, and Banerji recommends the remedy Symphytum for cancer involving the bone.

This is a plant from the borage family, and has a colloquial name 'knit-bone', having been used for centuries to help fracture healing. 

Jan Scholten taught me that the whole borage family can be used in homeopathy, when there is a sense of invasion of one’s space in the family, where one feels one’s role to be diminished and one needs to work hard to be noticed – 'forget-me-not'. Thus, Symphytum seemed an obvious choice and was given in the 200C potency three times daily.

The effect was dramatic and immediate

With swift resolution of the tumour, as can be seen from the picture taken one month later (below). His local practice referred to him as the miracle dog. Over the next two years Bedford developed kennel cough signs, some arthritis, and had some seizures. He was put to sleep due to a seizure at 14 years old, nearly two years after the tumour first appeared.

One month later