Resolved Cancer Case 3
Demonstrating classical homeopathy and the recently understood Lanthanide remedies

The case below was chosen because the prescriptions were successful, and patients had been to a specialist oncologist before coming to homeopathy. 

Lymphoma of stomach remission within three weeks

In September 2012, Dorothy, a ten year old bull terrier suffered weight loss and vomiting, unresponsive to symptomatic treatment. The stools became foul smelling and undigested.


Radiography suggested stomach abnormalities, so a referral was arranged to a specialist oncology and surgery practice. Endoscopy revealed an area of mucosal thickening in mid antrum which protruded into lumen even on full inflation. Biopsies were taken and an epitheliotropic small cell lymphoma was diagnosed. Chemotherapy was suggested to the owner, who preferred to try homeopathy first.

Dorothy was very confident in my surgery. The owner is a dog behaviourist and these are her words:

​​“Dorothy works for me – she is so bright, clever, and intuitive. She can read other dogs and knows what level of authority to use. Being a matriarch, she is great with puppies that are spoiled monsters. She is a natural leader and is the benign top dog in my pack, although she never wanted the job. However, she took it on as none of the others were capable.

She is an independent spirit, a free thinking individual. She is obedient if there is a good reason, but she is not a robot without an opinion. She knows her place at the top and has respect from all the dogs. She doesn’t need acknowledgement – she knows and is confident in her position.”

Since Dorothy had become ill, she was losing weight despite great hunger. She drank frequently, restlessly paced about at night, and she was seeking more attention from the owner. I asked why she needed attention, and the owner replied:

“She wants reassurance because she feels insecure about her health.”

The outstanding mental features were autonomy and confidence. The remedy required would probably be a mineral (d). Dorothy is an evolved character who requires control over her own life. She has no great wish to dominate others, but is inherently powerful. Issues of power and responsibility are features of the Gold series.

There is a sub-set of this series known as the Lanthanides or rare earths. The archetypal essence of these elements is autonomy. I chose Gadolinium, which is in stage 10 of the periodic table(e).

I also took account of the behavioural changes. Restlessness at night, wanting to be held, and increased frequency of drinking indicate the remedy Arsenicum. I have used Arsenicum effectively in the past in feline intestinal cancer.

I prescribed Gadolinium arsenicosum M bid. Improvement began within days, and she now receives one dose weekly. She has been in full remission for thirteen months.


Homeopathy can be extremely useful in treating cancer. In my opinion all cancer cases should receive homeopathy in addition to the standard conventional regimes. Obviously those cases which have no conventional solution should be given a homeopathic prescription. Currently in the UK, due to effective media campaigns, political manoeuvring, and continuous lobbying, homeopathy is ‘understood’ by vets to be ineffective. However, the vast majority have no knowledge of the subject beyond what they read in the papers. Veterinary funding for homeopathic research is suppressed by the profession.


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