General Introduction titles      
Homeopathy: What to expect Including 101 lively veterinary cases E de Beukelaer Trafford 2005  
Textbook of Veterinary Homeopathy    J Saxton & P Gregory Beaconsfield 2005 
 Homeopathic Practice     Steven Kayne Pharmaceutical Press 2008
Homeopathy in Veterinary Practice    K Biddis CW Daniel 1987  
Homeopathic First Aid Treatment for Pets   F Hunter    



The introductory chapters of the following titles          
Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals   C Day CW Daniel 1998  
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs    D Hamilton 3rd ed N Atlantic Books 2012 
Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy   P Gregory Saltire 2013  



Clinical titles            
Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals   C Day CW Daniel 1998 P Gregory Saltire 2013
Homeopathy for Horses     T Couzens  Kenilworth Press 2007 
Horses and Homeopathy: A Pocket Guide   T Couzens Saltire 2011  
Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy   P Gregory Saltire 2013  
Everyday Homeopathy for Animals    F Hunter  Beaconsfield  2004  
The Homeopathic Treatment of Beef and Dairy Cattle C Day Beaconsfield 1995  
Textbook of Veterinary Homeopathy   J Saxton and P Gregory Beaconsfield 2005
Your Dog and Homeopathy     A Westerhuis   Qualipet 2000 
Homeopathic treatment of Cattle/Horses/Pigs/Dogs/Cats/Goats G Macleod CW Daniel  
Dogs and Homeopathy, the owner’s companion  M Elliott and T Pinkus Ainsworth’s 1996 
Homeopathy for a healthier cat    M Elliott and T Pinkus Ainsworth’s 1999 
The Herdsman’s Introduction to Homeopathy   P Hansford and T Pinkus Ainsworth’s 1998
Horses and Homeopathy, a guide for yard and stable M Elliott and T Pinkus Ainsworth’s 1994 
Bowel  nosodes in Homeopathic practice   J Saxton Saltire 2nd ed 2012  


NEW titles

 Cancer in animals – what is to be cured?    The Veterinary Homeopathy Oncology Series 1
        Sue Armstrong Narayana 2016  
Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy   P Gregory Saltire 2013  
Miasms as practical tools     Ed by Wendy Brewster Reilly 
Organon of the Medical Art 6th Edition S HahnemannC Day CW Daniel 1998 P Gregory Saltire 2013
Healing the Soul     David Lilley Saltire 2014  



Human homeopathy titles          
Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy    Kent    
The Science of Homeopathy    Vithoulkas  
Chronic Diseases (the introduction)   Hahnemann   
A Guide to the Methodologies of Homeopathy   Watson    
Principles and Art of Cure  Roberts   
The Spirit of Homeopathy     Sankaran   
The Substance of Homeopathy    Sankaran   
The Sensation in Homeopathy    Sankaran    
The Soul of Remedies     Sankaran    
Sankaran’s Schema      Sankaran
Homeopathy and the Minerals    Scholten    
Homeopathy and the Elements Scholten    
Dynamics and Methodology of Homeopathic Provings  Swayne (Ed.)   
International Dictionary of  Homeopathy   Swayne (Ed.)   



Materia medica titles           
All of the books in the ‘clinical’ section have sections on materia medica      
A Veterinary Materia Medica   G Macleod  1983   
Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy   P Gregory Saltire 2013  
Homeopathic Remedy Pictures for Animals   V Mathison Narayana 2011  



Human materia medica titles          
Concordant Reference    Vermeulen  Saltire 2015   
Homeopathic Remedy guide  Murphy    
The Desk-Top Guide    Morrison   
Pocket Materia Medica and Repertory  Boericke   

Repertory of Veterinary Homeopathy

   J Hoare Saltire 2012   



Human repertories           
Synthesis   Schroyens  
Homeopathic Repertory   Murphy    
The Complete Repertory    Van Zandvoort   
Repertory of the Materia Medica    Kent   
Repertory      Phatak    



Computer repertories          



Homeopathic journals          
The Mag (BAHVS/IAVH journal)         
Homeopathy (formerly The British Homeopathic Journal)       
Health and Homeopathy          
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Homeopathic Links De Ree 11 9753 BX Haren The Netherlands       
New Homeopath           

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