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Dog with bone cancer

We didn't want amputation and chemotherapy for Beanie

Bone Cancer  "In September 2007 our family dog Beanie became lame and was found to have an osteosarcoma of her shoulder.  There is no conventional treatment for this and we were told we would be lucky if she was still with us for Christmas. We decided to try homeopathic treatment.  Homeopathic vet Geoff Johnson felt the grief and homesickness that Beanie showed when we moved here from France could have been the initiating factor, and gave a remedy called Phos-ac 200 that dealt with this as well as the cancer.  Beanie is with us now and pain free on homeopathy two Christmases later."

Laura Sturgess //  Lydeard, St Lawrence

After 5 weeks he climbed Snowdon

"Arthritis of the Back.  Our collie Arran developed arthritis of the thoracic and lumbo-sacral spine in October 2007, requiring pain-killers and chiropractic treatment. Our homeopathic vet Geoff Johnson saw him in March 2008 and gave the remedy Ovi-g-p 200 for two days because of the symptoms, her character and her anxiety when the dawn chorus started!  He got much lamer for three days, and more fearful for two weeks, and then began to improve. After five weeks he climbed Snowdon, rolling about in the snow. He is off pain-killers to this day, and has had the remedy repeated on four occasions."

Dr Sandra Reeve  //  Axminster, Devon

Proof homeopathy works

Millie – Living proof
homeopathy works

Conventional vets were not interested in healing her. They said there was nothing that could be done for her. She couldn't walk, she couldn't climb the stairs, she couldn't run in the park. Her quality of life was very very curtailed.

Grace Dasilva-Hill //  Owner

Calving difficulties and homeopathy

Pat A  //  Dairy farmer, 100 cows

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