This is a trial to see if homeopathy can help dogs suffering from appendicular osteosarcoma. There are a number of anecdotal cases where homeopathy has appeared to be effective for this condition, but a trial has never been performed. Obviously osteosarcoma is a very serious disease and the average survival time until euthanasia is about two months, unless amputation and chemotherapy are employed, when it is about eleven months. (ref:1.2)

This trial is open to those owners who decide, in consultation with you, that amputation and chemotherapy is not what they want for their dog.

The owners will need to attend the trial centre for at least one free consultation, which might last up to 90 minutes. Further consultations will be required, especially if the dog is responding well, and it might be possible to use the telephone for some of these. The homeopathic remedies will be chosen specifically for each case, based on the history and clinical signs. The remedies are to be given in addition to the treatment prescribed by you. This would only be reduced in consultation with you if the dog is responding well to the homeopathic remedies. The dog will remain under your care, and if additional analgesia or euthanasia is required, as always that decision will be taken by you and the owner. This is to ensure that no additional suffering will occur by participation in the trial.

The address of the centre is:

Sue Armstrong Consultancy Ltd,

Ornhams Hall, Boroughbridge, YO51 9HJ

01423 314120 [email protected]

Dr Sue Armstrong  MA VetMB VetMFHom CertIAVH MRCVS RsHom

Sue Armstrong details to follow

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*(2) - I understand that the homeopathic remedies are not a replacement for my dog's conventional treatment but are to be given in addition to whatever my vet and I have decided. My primary vet will be kept fully informed of my dog's homeopathic treatment. I the homeopathic remedies are helpful, then my vet and I in consultation with the trial centre may decide to reduce the conventional medicine. I understand that the trial is open only to those dogs that have not undergone amputation of the affected limb. I understand that I will have to attend one of the centres for at least one free homeopathic consultation. The length of the trial is 24 months, and after that time I will need to pay for any homeopathic treatment.