Some Successful Cancer Cases 
treated and resolved using homeopathy
by Geoff Johnson 
Seeing is believing!

Three methods of cancer prescribing

  1. The Banerji protocol. Dr Banerji has had two articles published in the International Journal of Oncology, on breast cancer and brain cancer respectively. His clinic has treated over 30000 cases of malignant cancer using homeopathy. 21% completely regressed and 23% improved – a 44% 'success' rate. His protocol is freely available online and explains the remedies to use depending on the type of cancer. This is immediately and easily transferable to veterinary medicine (a).
  2. The Ramakrishnan method. Dr Ramakrishnan has also treated thousands of cancer cases with homeopathy. His instruction book is simple, totally applicable to veterinary medicine, and also recommends specific remedies for different types of cancer. He alternates on a weekly basis the chosen remedy with the remedy Carcinosin, which is made from a human breast tumour, and incorporates a method known as plussing (b).
  3. Classical homeopathy. Finding the remedy that fits everything about the patient, including the symptoms, personality and history. Serious study is required to attempt this method.