A report on the days events  

BAHVS Spring Meeting
25 March, 2019

Wiveliscombe – Somerset

 Malene Jørgensen

Present: Geoff Johnson, Edward de Beukelaer, Helen Bragg, Judith Webster, Chris Day, Peter Gregory, Ann Wood and Malene Jorgensen.

This was the second of the proposed meetings in the UK, with the intention to gather local vets together and discuss subjects, exchange knowledge, help with cases and other subjects pertaining to veterinary homeopathy. For this meeting, people brought their own cases and Geoff had a live case lined-up.While we were waiting for the live case, Geoff had one to start us off:

Marigold with sudden outbursts of anger

A 14 y.o. Scottish Spat (Connemara/Arab cross), mare called “Marigold” with sudden outbursts of anger and bucking for no apparent reason, out of the blue, flashes of anger, like “WHAM!” No warning.

The horse loves to run, can gallop all day long, has great prowess, kind and bomb proof, willing and eager to please. She leaps (for joy?), sudden flash of temper when bucking, she jumps so high and is very surefooted. She once jumped over another horse and landed very safely on the other side.

She is happy by herself in the field, doing nothing. Sometimes she will get a lump of hay and throw it at people or throw a towel on the floor, she also can bite another horse. The owner gets no response from her, no affection, and claims:

she’s very much her own “woman”.

She’s had a number of nose bleeds (LHS) for no reason. She is “A little island, joyless, vacant, emotionless, with no fears and the owner is really fond of her. She is either “lit up, alert and turned on, or turned off – never happily relaxed in the middle”.

She is not sympathetic, doesn't relate and cannot be befriended. “ I feel safe on her but she’s no company”, she looks behind as if someone’s there.

Ideas coming forward:

  • Obstacles to recovery (?): diet? – grass is her favourite thing
  • She leaps because she loves leaping – Crocus: sudden change of mood, a good moment has gone wrong and Crocus has nose bleeds, eager to please, great worker (used to do dressage but got bored and now started hunting)
  • Owner’s daughter went off to university last November, which is when bucking started (it’s daughter’s horse).
  • We felt the key is her being “a little island, just doesn't relate, she is “not there”. Nat-phos is either lit up or turned off, vacant and no emotion. Another idea was an opium family remedy or an inert gas (lit up vs not reacting, not interacting, flashes of anger but doesn't want to hurt you, kind and bomb proof. Neon throws things around and flies (above ground), lights up, “I am separate and that is enough”. Also in the rubric: throws things at people!

Neon was chosen as an initial remedy – 1M, NMN

Dachshund “Tubbs”, live case

Next was the live case: Dachshund, “Tubbs”, 3Y9M old, FE with preliminary (at time) diagnosis of Osteosarcoma in the 9th rib. Living with (female) owner with a son and two daughters and 4 other female dachshunds.

“She is a tank, behaving like a Rottweiler, until a few days ago when she started breathing really fast, a week before she yelped when lifted up. She is the pack leader".

Owner was told that the mass was about 1.5 cm from the spine pushing on the left lung causing it to collapse, attached to the rib, lung, heart and pleurisy fluid looks like bloody water, no smell.

Tubbs has a firm mass on the LHS of the chest, FNA shows Osteosarcoma.

Description from the conventional vet: Primary neoplasm of the 9th rib plus a large extended mass under the ribs, prognosis is poor, not a good surgical candidate.

She is the protector, looking for danger for the pack, scanning and if another dog comes close, she will bark and run towards the danger. Her mum was attacked by a black lab years ago, hence protective of the pack.

She is full of muscle, she doesn't walk along like the others, always “ready to go”, she is out of the door before the others, nothing has changed since the diagnosis with regards to guarding.

When on the lead she will be out the door before anybody else, chest out, ears pricked and won’t take her eyes of other dogs, approaches confidently off the lead, scanning for other dogs, saw a collie and she was gone, up the hill, even when she was poorly, she barks of fear but will defend, she will not back off, if another dog attacks.

One of the other dogs in the pack, Ruby, is trying to become a leader but T doesn't take notice. “I am the protector”, yesterday she still wanted to go after the other dog.

Aur-mur-nat – Essence (according to Edward de Beukelaer) is:

“I won’t be affected by my disease or trouble or anything, I just keep going”.

200C – TID, with Carc (how do I differentiate myself) Ramakrishnan. Alternate weekly.

Horus has severe sound phobia and fear aggression

The next case was taken by myself which was about a Briard called Horus (like the Egyptian God, depicted as man with a Falcon’s head) with severe sound phobia and fear aggression towards dogs and strangers.

He had his name already when the owners found him at kennels in France called “The Briards of the black kite”.

He will run off in “blind panic” and hide, lying absolute still, you cannot find him. Not castrated but absolutely no sex drive, even with bitches on heat. Almost like autistic, distant, vacant, needs order, doesn't like changes.

Often he looks up or behind as if somebody might attack him or something would fall out of the sky. In restaurants he would lunge at people or dogs bearing his teeth. Not interested in interacting with other dogs, almost like no emotions.

Introvert, timid, private, wants to be on his own, antisocial, a loner. Likes to run free on fields and open spaces. Always going to do the unexpected, unpredictable.

When given a bone, he buries it. BCS 2-3/9, not interested in food, often sniffs and walks away.

Vaccination: has had DHPPiL regularly up until 2 years ago, had titre test and only tested positive for Rabies. Vaccinated again for DHP but again no antibodies for these diseases.

Similarities to the mythology

The similarities to the mythology and proving of the Peregrine Falcon are striking and it is very tempting to prescribe Falco-per as the remedy. It is interesting that both the kennel owner (choosing the name for her kennel relating to the bird symbolising Horus’s mother in mythology – the black kite) and the owner husband are keen bird watchers and O told me that he has wanted to go into falconry for a long time.

BUT the oddity of him only ever mounting antibody response towards Rabies and none of the other diseases even after recent vaccination could be an obstacle to cure if any (vaccine) damage present.

So consensus was to give Lyssin 30C as the first remedy and see if Falco-per or any other remedy is indicated afterwards.

Other remedies coming up were Sulph-ac (“I panic before I get frightened) or Eupion (tar – need a guide, the old dog, who died of cancer some years ago was his guide).

Next Helen Brag had a case about SpSp, entire male, nearly 12 y.o.

The owner phoned as the dog wasn't right, wasn't doing anything, had a high temperature, nothing else on the physical examination. Bloods: raised ALT but other parameters OK, had antibiotic from conventional vet.

Owner took him back a few days later, ALT much higher now, the liver was completely patchy on ultrasound scan, no completely normal liver found, O didn't want liver biopsy, so no diagnosis but didn't look like cancer. Faeces turned a lighter colour but now back to normal, sleeps more, had episodes of odd staring and barking (voice) was different.

He turned very hungry, takes a long time to eat but always looking for food, fed on raw diet with other foods, he is scared of water and doesn't like guns, very loving with the owner, very gentle, very protective “as if it is his job to protect me”, sitting really close to her in consult room. The dog has very little thirst.

One odd thing was that he developed several pieces of tufty beard, which he had never had before, mostly on the chin.

He used to like the fire but now he takes himself off; he is sociable, likes company but sometimes has had enough and goes away; he would retaliate if attacked but wouldn’t instigate a fight; protects the house, but fine when people come in; he follows the owner around in the house, always looking for food, very food orientated.

  • Likes routine and fine with being left alone
  • Never destructive 
  • Doesn't steal food and becomes mortified if told off​
  • Likes to be in the right​
  • Doesn't like the rain,​
  • Around owner’s legs all the time​
  • Neutered when very young; no retained urge​
  • Sympathetic, sits right by the owner if the owner is not well​
  • Not jealous but might sulk if O goes out,​
  • Happy to share toys​
  • Doesn't like his feet touched​
  • Sleek-coated dog, clean and tidy​
  • Very timid​

He allowed HB to examine him but wide-eyed and watching owner all the time, Urine sample: sandy sediment, had puppy vaccinations but none since.

Liver tonic: Berb/Chel/Tarax/Card-m MT 5 drops each into 30 mlLycopodium has a lot of symptoms relating to this case – clinging vs protector and is in the rubric about hair growth increased on odd parts.

Last case was one from Edward de Beukelaer

12 year old SpSp, female with bouts of coughing during the summer, was given antibiotics by the conventional vet, which made the cough worse.

Was then given steroids; the dog was OK for a while, but became worse again, started coughing +++; she didn't want to lie down any more to rest or sleep, sits up most of the day and during the night too. She goes to the office every day with the owner and gets attention. 

On the side of the abdomen the skin​fr the cough. 

First remedy: Sulph -> improves but doesn't resolve, still can’t really lie down for longer than 10 minutes at a time, naps briefly during the day, afraid to sleep because worried++, stops breathing, she seems better with drinking; she is always insecure, thinks that the owner might leave her, wants to go outside.

Endoscopy: inflammation of the larynx, on the left side of larynx there is a grey patch, swab shows leukocytes++.

Spongia was then prescribed but did nothing, then the remedy Bromium: a heavy toxic gas, which falls to the ground, hence the dog afraid to “lie down and breathe in the gas”.

A few doses of Bromium solved the case.

This was a really fantastic day with lots of interesting cases and exchanges. 

Hopefully there will be more meetings, so we all get the opportunity to participate. 

We will try to keep you posted on updates from the cases. If you have any comments regarding these cases please write to me (Malene) on [email protected].

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