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BAHVS Spring Meeting
3 March, 2018

CAN Mezzanine – London

 Stuart Marston

The weather played absolute havoc with the travel plans of many people and so there was a small group who convened in London.

Presentation by PhytoQuest Ltd

by Dr Robert Nash 

Our presentation in the morning was from Dr Robert Nash from PhytoQuest Ltd. Initially this was scheduled for about 45 -60 mins but it was so fascinating that it lasted until lunchtime. 

Prof Nash researches into new (or as yet undiscovered would be a better term) molecules derived from plants and other natural sources. What he concentrated on primarily was an imino-sugar that has a specific C-type lectin receptor on neutrophils, macrophages and dendritic cells and provides a long term promotion of the innate immune system and augments the Th1 and natural killer cell response and 'reactivates' the immune system to fight cancer.

This molecule seems extremely versatile, is non-toxic, readily orally available and naturally-occurs in a rare honey. The honey selected for the molecule has given remarkable results in several dogs with various types of tumours which were considered inoperable.

It has the potential, not only as an act lone, but also as an addition to any combination therapy. In Nature it may well give selective advantage to the bees that consume it. It’s mode of action seems to be that it fools the body’s immune system that there is a bacterial infection and stimulates the T cells to attack the cancer cells. It does this by re-activating the anti tumour response.

Dr. Nash is now looking to make the quality controlled honey more widely available. At the present time options are being discussed as to how to do this.

Almost  homeopathic dilutions

The added astonishing news is that the molecule appears to be active in almost homeopathic dilutions! Dr. Nash needs some more data on the ‘why and how’ this molecule works and also a good number of cases where it has been shown to be beneficial and so we discussed ways on how we could help.

The honey will be available in a couple of months to use directly but he has generously offered us a pure sample of the molecule so that I can get it into a potentised form and send it to our members to trial.

Everyone sees cancer every week and as it is a natural compound there will be no contraindications with any current therapies. Dr. Nash has investigated and isolated several other imino sugars from other plants including cucumber.

He has discovered that carbohydrate diversity and complexity far exceeds that of proteins and genes so this is going to be a huge area of investigation.Some of the molecules have been shown to treat diabetes- possibly by helping the body repair the islets: some have had anti-inflammatory properties rather like corticosteroids but of course without the side effects and this one will be marketed also in due course.

We found this whole presentation fascinating but were surprised when he said that the molecule has an effect in near homeopathic dilutions-hence the idea of making potencies and trying them. I will be alerting members when the tautode is available and I hope many of you will give it a try and write up the cases so we can feed back to Dr. Nash.

I will also let everyone know when the honey itself is available if you want to try that instead or as well. We will be given a discount when purchasing and it won’t be available from any wholesalers.

We all went to lunch at the local whole food café which was excellent.

Screening of Magic Pills movie

In the afternoon we had a screening of 'Magic Pills' made by Ananda More and her colleagues.

This is basically a film about the state of homeopathy around the world and included comments and interviews with staunch antis. This was a good tactic I thought, as their views contrasted so starkly against the vast numbers of people being treated with homeopathy over the world.

It was uplifting but a bit depressing at the same time I thought.On the one side we were shown the wonderful work going on in Africa in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the success that was being enjoyed-Jeremy Sherr, Isaac Golden and Peter Fisher were featured in some of the footage.

We saw the suffering endured and the consequences arising from parents dying and children being born with the disease. We also saw the successful treatments where people were restored to a healthy enough status so they could work and support their families. We saw the clinics in India with Dr’s Banerjee-father and son- at their clinic. 

Apparently a thousand cancer patients are seen every day- yes 1000- by homeopaths. Quite amazing and uplifting! There was an extensive piece on the leptospirosis out -break in Cuba. This had interviews with doctors and officials demonstrating why the use of a leptospirosis nosode was decided upon, and how it was made, and used.

Influences exerting pressure

The kicker was that even after saving thousands of lives the authorities banned the making and use of the nosode! Unbelievable – but no guesses as to whose influence was exerting pressure!

We also saw and listened to the never changing, uninformed and tedious comments from some antis. It is disturbing when apparently highly qualified doctors and ‘scientists’ – and I use the word loosely – are so sure in their opinion that anything which goes against it is not worth even looking into. How can progress be made in anything, let alone helping those that are ill, with that kind of attitude?

Overall the film showed that despite everything homeopathy has a big place in the world and that there is hope that eventually the fortress that is modern medicine like all things based on sand will crumble.

The film will be on a UK wide showing in the summer hopefully so if you get a chance do try and see it. But I may have another screening when I hope many more of you will be able to come.

It was made on a budget and self-funded and there is a web site where you can donate to help pay for all the work that has gone into it. Visit Magic Pills Movie website. The donations button is at the bottom of the homepage.

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