The Homeopathic Consultation: For owners who have only ever experienced a conventional consultation

Nazrene Moosa  MRCVS VetMFHom

There are a number of differences, the most obvious being the length of the consultation.

Be prepared to talk for at least an hour for the initial consultation, sometimes longer. For the less gregarious among you remember this is about your beloved pet and every question has an underlying reason.

As much as we are interested in you as a person and pet owner, the underlying reason for the questions is to determine the most appropriate treatment for your pet.

The questions will cover the following:

  • When did you obtain him/her and under what circumstances (rescue, breeder, etc)•Relationship with the mother
  • Vaccination and sterilisation history
  • Food - likes and dislikes, eating habits (messy, fastidious)
  • Water - temperature preference, amounts, frequency
  • Temperature - cold vs warmth preference •Interactions - with humans and animals
  • Relationships - with family members (furry and non furry)
  • Fears - thunder, loud noises
  • Personality - are they people pleasers, stubborn, quick learners, affectionate
  • Exercise - athletic vs couch potatoes
  • Are they empathetic i.e. do they pick up on your moods
  • Are they sensitive to what is happening in the household
  • How do they respond to being chastised - sulking vs taking no notice vs feeling guilty

With regard to the specific disease the questions will cover: 

  • When did the problem first start
  • Did anything change during that time or did a specific event occur eg an accident, an attack, the death of a family member
  • Was it soon after a vaccination was administered
  • Is there a time of day or year when the condition is at its worst
  • What makes it better or worse
  • What medication has been given to date
  • Is it affected by weather e.g. cold, damp, wind, heat
  • Are they depressed when unwell
  • Are they clingy or do they prefer to be alone when unwell
  • Are they affected by being at the seaside or after bathing
  • Are they better or worse for being outdoors vs indoors
  • f bodily fluids are involved a detailed description of fluids will be required information
  • If growths/lumps/masses are the problem then the size, appearance and consistency will be a factor 

Was it soon after a vaccination was administered?

There is no one size fits all

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of questions but covers the main aspects of a homeopathic consultation.

The aim is to find what makes your pet ‘tick’.

To be able to find the remedy required to treat the patient, this information is essential. Unlike conventional treatment, which involves matching a drug to a disease, homeopathy matches a remedy to a patient. So one patient with skin allergies may respond to Sulphur while a different patient may respond to Psorinum. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in homeopathy. And therein lies the challenge …